Sidney N. Weiss is the past president of the Customs and International Trade Bar Association, the largest association of customs and international trade lawyers in the United States.  He is also on the Council (Board of Directors) of the International Bar Association, and the Vice Chair of the Committee on Customs Law of the American Bar Association.  He is a former member of the Advisory Committee of the United States Court of International Trade.  The Law Offices of Sidney N. Weiss offers the following customs and international trade services to its international clients:

  1. Customs And Related Agency Matters:
    1. Client counseling in all areas of Customs and international trade law.
    2. Customs and international trade litigation in all courts.
    3. Customs enforcement actions, seizures, forfeitures and penalties.
    4. Customs audits pre-audit preparation, and internal audits.
    5. Customs compliance reviews and assistance.
    6. Line item reviews of all products for duty savings determinations.
    7. Duty refund cases.
    8. Classification and Value determinations, opinions, and applications.
    9. Transfer-price guidance and counseling.
    10. Customs administrative procedures and protests.
    11. Duty-free status and applications, including GSP eligibility, and NAFTA and Free Trade Agreement Compliance.
    12. Quotas, restricted merchandise, and related agency matters (Food and Drug Administration, USDA, Fish and Wildlife, Consumer Safety, Alcohol and Tobacco, etc.).
  2. Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Cases:
    1. Counseling regarding possible antidumping measures.
    2. Administrative and judicial representation and counseling in antidumping and countervailing duty matters.
    3. Internal audits to prepare for and avoid possible antidumping duty and countervailing duty measures.
    4. Preparation of petitions in antidumping and countervailing duty cases.
    5. Representation at “scope” hearings and sunset reviews.
    6. Institution of programs to avoid antidumping and countervailing duties.
    7. Monitoring programs.
  3. Exports and Doing Business Abroad:
    1. Export controls and licensing.
    2. Foreign Asset Controls Act counseling and cases.
    3. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act counseling and cases.
    4. Penalty and seizure cases involving the above.
  4. Related Matters:
    1. Freight, carrier, NVOCC, and transportation license applications and litigation.
    2. Corporate and commercial matters (company set-up, contracts, licensing, etc.) for entities involved in international trade and transportation.
    3. Commercial litigation on any issue arising from any international trade and logistic matter.